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profile projector, เครื่องวัดขนาดชิ้นงาน


Ø400mm Digital Vertical Profile Projector 

VP16 Series Product Features:
▶  400mm diameter screen with digital protractor;
▶  Projector body lifting system to focus;
▶  250x150mm precision movement work-stage, 300x200mm optional;
▶  Halogen profile and surface illumination adjustable;
▶  Geometric multifunction data processing system upgrade to DRO DP300;
▶  Built-in Mini-printer;
▶  Available 10x,20x,50x objective, rotary table, foot-switch, edge detector, etc.

 เครื่องวัดขนาดชิ้นงาน ที่ใช้หลักการสะท้อนแสงเกิดเป็นรูปเงา ที่มีความแม่นยำและความละเอียด 1 ไมครอน แสดงค่าผ่าน digital readout พร้อมทั้งprint ข้อมูลการวัดได้ในเครื่อง


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Reverse ImageVP400-2515 (#511-421)VP400-3020 (#511-451)
Obverse ImageVP400-2515Z(#511-441)VP400-3020Z(#511-461)
Metal Stage Size408 x 308mm408 x 308mm
Glass Stage Size306 x 196mm306 x 196mm
Stage Travel: X and Y-axis250 x 150mm250 x 150mm
Stage Travel: Z-axis100mm (for focusing)100mm (for focusing)
Resolution of X and Y-scale0.0005 mm
Diameter :Ø435mm,Effective Range ≥ Ø400(with “* ” Reticle)
Rotary Range: 0~360° ; Resolution Rotary Indicator: 1’ or 0.01° 
Digital ReadoutDP 300 (561-301) Multifunctional Data Processing System
IlluminationSurface and Contour Illumination:24v/150w halogen lamp (adjustable)
Cooling SystemForced Cooling (3-axis-fans)
Power SupplyAC110V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz, 650W 
Dimension (D×W×H)760 x 530 x 1100mm760 x 530 x 1100mm
Packing Dimension (L×W×H)1540 x 790 x 1500mm 1540 x 790 x 1500mm 
 Gross/Net Weight260/220Kg 290/250Kg 
Digital readout DP300
Digital Readout DP300
Rotary Table TR3
Rotary Table RT3
Starndard block
Standard Block ST 120

Standard Delivery:
Product NameCode #Product NameCode #Product NameCode #
Digital Readout DP300561-301VP400-10X Objective511*W11Screen Clamp Device581-341
Built-in Mini-printer581-901Transmitted lens511-T11Operation ManualVP400-2515
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